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Happy New Year, Big Horn CrossFitters! We hope that all of you had a safe and enjoyable New Year’s celebration. Big Horn CrossFit will be ringing in the new year by heading down to Arvada and participating in one of our local partner’s, 3W Races, Resolute Runner 5k. We have a “Big Horn CrossFit Team” of 12–we plan on completing the run in style! :-)

If you weren’t able to make the race, no worries, because the workout of the day is…you guessed it: a 5k! All you need are your feet, right? You can run in your neighborhood, check out a local trail, run up a mountain…heck, you can run a 5k anywhere! Start out 2013 on “the right foot (or feet)” and get out there and run a little bit…or walk; but, just be active! 

We will be “full steam ahead” starting Wednesday, so get ready to DO WORK! 2012 was quite an amazing year, but I know we can outdo it…with all of your enthusiasm and dedication. Let’s do this!