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If you have been CrossFitting with us for awhile, then you will understand the title of this post: Becoming Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable. For some, this takes some getting used to. For some, it is met with apprehension, reluctance, and fear. CrossFit can be daunting, even for the most “seasoned CrossFitter”–we’ve all been there and, most likely, we will be there again. One Big Horn CrossFitter in particular has taken on the challenge of becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable. If you haven’t met her yet…well, you need to. Meet Feliz.

Feliz lifting some heavy stuff!

When I first met Feliz, I immediately sensed a drive..a strong conviction. She didn’t know what she was getting into right away, and after she started learning about the kind of training we do, I sensed some hesitancy. Whether it was being uncomfortable with the movement or just uncomfortable with the environment, a bit of tension and stress surrounded her. She didn’t let it own her though–Feliz adapted.

She was among the first few people that signed up for the Big Horn WOD Bash…and that was at least a month in advance. She committed herself, and she followed through on that commitment. Feliz had just learned how to clean a barbell the week prior to the competition. I had her learning the lift on a 15-pound training bar. Less than five days later, she set an amazing PR of 90 pounds on that same lift.

Feliz is a true and inspiring example of embracing the feeling of “becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable”–she has proved this time and again. I am excited to watch her future progress with CrossFit. Congratulations on your performance last Saturday, Feliz! It is you (and all the others) that make this adventure such a true joy and exhilarating experience–thank you!