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Attention CrossFitters! Most of you are aware already (because I bug you about it everyday), but on December 1st, we will be hosting our very first in-house competition: The Big Horn WOD Bash!

The competition is exclusively available to Big Horn CrossFit members and registration is absolutely FREE! We encourage all of you to sign up and give it a try.

Everyone will be able to do the movements…everyone. In other words, do not expect to see muscle-ups, double-unders, handstand push-ups, etc., in the workouts. With that said, some of you still may be required to scale the “Rx’d” weight–no worries, you can do that. You just won’t be in the running for any of the “top prizes”; however, you will still have the opportunity to earn other prizes.

Photo courtesy of Reebok CrossFit Games

Does this seem intimidating? Downright daunting? Good. Your regular workouts make you a bit nervous, right? But once 3…2…1…GO sounds, that feeling leaves you, and you get down to business! You are faced with many new challenges on a weekly, sometimes daily, basis. But you overcome them…with great attitudes and tremendous courage and will. Apply that same fortitude to this competition.

Click the following lihk and sign up: Big Horn WOD Bash

Do it.