Her true passion for fitness was ignited the day she walked through the doors of Big Horn Crossfit 5 years ago! She found Olympic lifts to be completely out of her element yet so fascinating!

It was here at Big Horn CrossFit that Julia’s life completely changed! As she became more proficient with the lifts and functional movements she became awe struck by the sense of empowerment she felt! This is when she decided to share her excitement with others by becoming a coach herself and quickly obtained her CF L-1 and USA weightlifting L-1 and 2 certifications. She has had the privilege of training with amazing coaches and athletes including Dimitri Klokov, Michael Cohen and Jackie Black.

In the spring of 2018 Julia had an amazing opportunity to become co-owner of Big Horn CrossFit and could not resist! She feels very strongly about guiding and encouraging others to become the best version of themselves. Her vision for Big Horn CrossFit is to actively foster a strong community of well-being and support for each and every athlete. She is a firm believer in nurturing not only the body, but even more importantly, the mind and spirit! She invites you to take this journey with her to discovering your very own strength and power. 3, 2, 1…..GO!