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There are only THREE DAYS left to register for the Big Horn WOD Bash next Saturday! We will be keeping the price at $50…that’s $10 in savings! We’d like to share with you a little story from one of last year’s participants, the one we all know and love, Feliz…

“The Big Horn WOD BASH is a members’ only – Wait. The Big Horn WOD BASH is a FAMILY event for members, of pure friendly competition. Three WODs in one day! It’s an opportunity for us to workout with other family we don’t normally see, and bring our best game. After being under the radar for almost a year, I am glad to be back at the box in time for the Big Horn WOD Bash. It’s a time for me to set my own PR marker and for the love of Pete, I want a prize this year! AND……there’s food. A kick off to the BBQ season, compliments of the coaches! Simply – It’s just plain old FUN!!! Come one, come all! Can’t wait to see you there! Bring your best game. I’ve been working on mine for the past five weeks (infinitely scaled, of course “-)”

– Feliz

Let’s GO…what are you waiting for?! Test your fitness among friends — click on the following link to register:

You have until Tuesday night at 8:00 pm…after that, registration will be closed. The THREE workouts and heat times will be released on Wednesday night at 8:00 pm…we’re stoked, are you?!