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“Consistency, madam, is the first of Christian duties” — Charlotte Bronte

We can all agree that consistency is a critical key to success. Whether it is your profession, your hobby, or yes, your CrossFit training — consistency is paramount.

Whether you come two times, three times, four times, or five times per week — it does not matter — as long as you are consistent…that is what matters to us, and it is also what should matter to you!

Make a pact with yourself — show up! Sometimes showing up is the most difficult thing to do.

As an example, let us showcase Renee. Not only has she consistently attended our classes twice per week since January 26th, but she’s made incredible progress! Renee…we remember your first workout — by the end of it you had turned a few shades whiter and were on the brink of losing your lunch. However, you returned. And now, you are achieving heavier lifts that you never thought imaginable, you are recovering quicker, and you are not feeling like you need to “yack” after every workout of the day (WOD).

Trust us, our goal is NEVER to push you to the brink of losing your lunch; however, if you push YOURSELF to that limit —  well, it may happen. But we always say…”It never gets easier, it just sucks less” — you get used to it. :-)



Renee going overhead…like we do, often! :-)