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David has been with us since this past August. In that time, he as lost 15 pounds, has gained lean muscle mass, and has increased his fitness capacity by leaps and bounds.

One of the very first workouts that David faced involved 200 meter run repeats; he had to walk most of the way. Now, when faced with an 800 meter run as part of the warm-up, David completes it in style, without stopping to walk one time. Yesterday, David said something that made us laugh–he said, “Running anything over 800 meters is just a waste of time.” Yeah, we throw in some distances that are longer than 800 meters every now and again, but, fortunately for David, we stick to the shorter stuff. :-)

All of the coaches at Big Horn CrossFit are extremely proud of your progress, David! Keep doing what you’re doing…we expect more great things from you in 2013!


David and his “sweat-Doppelgänger”