Do I have to be “in shape” before I start CrossFit?

Absolutely not! Our job, as professional CrossFit coaches, is to ensure that everyone begins our program at the appropriate level, and in a safe manner.

How do I get started?

Visit our “Get Started” page for details.

What is your drop-in rate?

Our drop-in rates start at $20 per class (at least THREE months of CrossFit experience is required). If you are in town for a week or so, we will discuss a short-term membership option which will be based on how many times you plan on attending a class.

What is the WOD?

The WOD is the “Workout of the Day” and is updated daily at 7:00 pm on our website and our Facebook Page.

What does Rx’d mean?

Rx’d refers to performing a WOD at the prescribed (Rx’d) weight, repetitions, and/or time. Rx’d should be used as the highest weight possible and, in some cases, you will likely need to scale the workout, with the guidance of our coaches, to a level that’s appropriate for you.

What’s with all of those weird acronyms that you use?

Your coach will explain to you what they mean. In the meantime, click on this link  to learn on your own.

What should I eat?

Finding the healthiest way to eat can be tricky! Following a nutrition plan that works with your genetics will help you to maintain energy levels, stay lean and get stronger. Eating lean meats, vegetables, nut, seeds and little starch eliminates foods that cause systemic inflammation that leads to chronic illnesses. This fundamental approach, eating nutrient dense foods, also reduces blood sugar levels steering you away from metabolic derangement (i.e. diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, etc). By changing your nutrition plan slightly, you can optimize performance in the gym and improve body composition.

I’m a woman, will lifting weights bulk me up?

There is a common misconception that lifting weights will give women massive shoulders and huge arms. With CrossFit, you will have better tone and build lean muscle mass, but you will still look feminine, we promise!

Do you have showers?

Yes! We have two bathrooms and one shower.