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BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front…for all of you non-military people): Ben will be missed (and that is an understatement).

Coach Ben has been such an intricate part of Big Horn CrossFit’s success over the last year. Ben and his wife, Sarah, came to us at the beginning of 2013 — it all started with an e-mail. Ben had contacted us, and told us that he was moving from Arizona and was looking for a place to train. Of course, we were happy to oblige him. It was an immediate connection.

Over the weeks of observing Ben workout and interact with our members, I saw something special in him. Yes, we were hit with an immediate need for another coach; however, I had seen the “fire” in him long before I needed another coach. So, when the need slapped us in the face, I approached him one night after a WOD, and mentioned how I saw him regularly assisting our athletes with technique, scaling, etc. He actually apologized for “stepping on my toes” as a coach. And I said, “HELL NO” — I see great potential in you, and I want you to coach for Big Horn…whaddya’ say?!” I saw the gleam in his eyes as he replied with a resounding YES!

Coach Ben has developed himself not only as a tremendous athlete (his numbers have skyrocketed since he’s been with us) but he’s also developed himself into an extremely competent, confident, and committed coach. He’s allowed my family and I to have time to spend together…that is priceless. Ben, my friend…I’d like to thank you and Sarah from the bottom of my heart for all that you have done for Big Horn CrossFit! I am looking forward to your “guest coaching appearances” when you make your visits back to Denver. All the best to you, my friend.