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This is dedicated to my son, Brian Bowen, who introduced me to CrossFit and to all the dedicated and professional coaches at both CrossFit Blacksburg and Big Horn CrossFit.

When I talk about my CrossFit experience, my friends tell me there is no way they could do all “that stuff.” I can’t even convince them to come with me to the CF box to see what “that stuff” really is! That is the big question for me, as I consider how much I have loved my 6 ½ years training and being part of the CrossFit community: Why don’t more seniors want to get involved?!  I’m guessing this is a question most affiliate owners are asking themselves as well…how do we make believers of seniors?

When I look at all the things I do in my daily life that are made better and easier because of my CrossFit training, I ask myself, why would people NOT want to be part of CrossFit? I challenge many of my 67 year old friends to join me at PetsMart, pick-up and carry that 50lb. bag of dog food out to my car and load it into the trunk, pop out of a low stool without rocking back and forth many times, stack my 14 fiesta plates on the top shelf of my kitchen cabinets with no problem, push a wheelbarrow full of dirt up the hill to my garden, mow the lawn with a push-mower for two hours, ride my bike, climb steep hills and so many more daily activities. I say, awesome…

I made a promise to myself as I aged that I would surround myself with positive, like-minded people of all ages, and that is exactly the community that I have found in CrossFit. So what if the 20-something next to me can lift her body weight over her head…I’m happy with lifting 50 lbs. or even 35 lbs…I still get it overhead. Do I want to walk on my hands or do a handstand push-up? No, but I want my arms and shoulders to be strong enough to pick up my precious grandchildren: and my coaches help me find the proper alternative movements that both mimic the movement and strengthen the same muscles.   My back complains if I run…so I row and get a better workout than I would running. I can do sit-ups, modify my push-ups, step up on boxes when others are jumping and I am always game to try any new movement. I know my body and what it is capable of handling and if I think just maybe I will try more; there are awesome coaches there to tell me otherwise.

There is no shame at CrossF…it is a community of people who love to work out together, encourage each other, laugh and sometimes cry together and celebrate life together both inside the gym and out. Great friends are made, everyone is there to cheer each other on, and it is all about hanging in there for the hour, doing your best and knowing that this will most likely the BEST part of your day!!