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Haydee is one of our newest members–she has been with us for about three weeks. Her first workout involved running, deadlifts, and push-ups. Haydee had to stop during the first few minutes of the workout. She didn’t stop because she wanted to quit, she stopped because she pushed herself too hard…to the brink of losing her lunch! I ran down to her to see if everything was okay. She responded with this: “Yeah, I’m good…I just threw up a little.” Did she quit? No…Haydee kept pushing through to the end! I thought to myself, “folks, we’ve got a CrossFitter in our midst.” 

In the short amount of time that Haydee has been with us, she’s been getting through the workouts faster, becoming more proficient with the lifts, and recovering faster…she is addicted! :-)

Keep doing what you’re doing, Haydee…we’re excited that you are a part our community!

Who the heck smiles during their WOD...Haydee!

Who the heck smiles during their WOD…Haydee!