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The Holiday Body Weight Challenge is BACK! The challenge is a terrific way to stay engaged with your health and fitness throughout the holiday season. You can even get your friends and family involved, too…throw the challenge at them, make some bets, and have some FUN!

This year, we’re doing a 40-day challenge! And this year, you can choose any bodyweight movement you want to do.

The challenge will start on November 26, 2015 and it will end on January 4, 2016.

Here’s how it works – on day one, you do one rep; on day two, you do two reps; on day three, you do three reps. Of course, the rep scheme can be altered just a bit as necessary.

If you’re doing double unders, for some of us, doing one rep is just too easy; heck, doing 40 reps is just too easy. 

Perhaps we double, or even triple the rep scheme, or put stricter requirements on the movement (unbroken double unders, for example).

The rules state that if you miss a day, you can make up those day’s reps the next day, or days, as necessary. 

So, if you miss day four, on day five, you need to do nine reps. 

While that isn’t much of a deal, missing day 40 can have some pretty serious consequences!!

Once you have selected your movement, make it public!  

Post a picture of yourself performing your desired movement to the Big Horn CrossFit Facebook Page for some accountability.  

Check in every few days on your progress.  We’ll see how you do after 40 days!