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A Bear Complex is an excellent way to practice five separate lifts by combining them into one exercise. Since the Bear Complex will be in one of your daily workouts (very soon), what better time to learn a little bit about it.

There are five separate lifts included in a Bear Complex:

      • Power Clean
      • Front Squat
      • Push Press
      • Back Squat
      • Push Press (behind-the-neck)

    If you’re just learning the Bear Complex, it is strongly recommended that you execute each lift separately until you become very proficient. After that, you can start to link the lifts together; in turn, this will allow you to move through the complex in a smoother and quicker manner. Completing all five lifts equals one repetition of the complex.

    Typically, as a stand-alone workout,  a full Bear Complex consists of seven sets of five repetitions, or five sets of seven repetitions. In some instances (like in a CrossFit workout) we will require that you only complete one rep (completing all five lifts once) as part of the workout. When incorporated into a CrossFit-type workout, you’ll usually see a couple of different exercises — that’s why we normally keep the bear complex to one or two reps.

    Get ready to tackle the Bear Complex — in the meantime, check out the video demo below: