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Do you know how to set goals? We talk about them all the time…heck, we even have a “Goals Board” up at the gym! But, is it there just for show, or does it actually have meaning? We’re going to discuss a great way to set goals that will help you create a clear path to success during your experience here at Big Horn CrossFit.

Specific: What is your goal? How often are you going to work on it? Where are you going to work on it? The more specific, the better…don’t leave anything to question.

Measurable: Just like our workouts, our goals should be measurable. Analyze your progress (write it down!) every week, and provide yourself with honest feedback.

Attainable: Goals should definitely challenge you; however, it is important that they are achievable. Find middle ground when it comes to the difficulty of achieving your goals.

Realistic: Is your goal attainable? How about the timeframe…can you achieve your goals within the time parameters that you set? Play around with it…set some goals with shorter deadlines, and some with longer.

Timely: It wouldn’t be much help (or motivating) to you if you set a goal of getting your first pull-up within the three years. How about within three months? Do not deliberately give yourself “slack off” time.

Just remember S.M.A.R.T! If you keep your goals specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely, you really cannot go wrong. If you have any further questions about goal-setting, send us an email to and your Primary Coach will be more than happy to sit down with you and steer you in the right direction.