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CrossFit is more than just working out, wouldn’t you agree? It’s community, friendship, positivity, therapy, camaraderie, and so many more intangibles.

Our bad@$$ ladies!

Our bad@$$ ladies!

When you walked through Big Horn CrossFit’s doors for the very first time, is that what you expected? Or, did you think it was “just another gym” filled with people doing their own thing, hopping from machine to machine? It’s okay if you did…we just want to help change the pre-conceived perception of what CrossFit really is:

A community of like-minded individuals that work hard and play hard to achieve common fitness, health, and wellness goals.

Do you think you could do this stuff alone? Sure you could…but who would want to? As a matter of fact, I did CrossFit alone for quite a while (mostly because my friends thought I was crazy). But, as soon as I gathered a following of CrossFitters, things just got better. My workouts were better…faster times heavier loads, etc. Why? Because my CrossFit buddies pushed me — camaraderie was forming between us. More importantly, my life, as a whole, continued to get better.

The friendships that we form through our CrossFit family are second to none. The support and motivation we receive from these awesome people are continuous. This was apparent last weekend during the Girls Gone Rx’d competition.

It was inspiring to watch our ladies kick some serious tail…leaving it all on the floor, every workout. These women embodied the true meaning of what CrossFit is really about, and it warmed my heart to experience it. Here’s the thing though — we witness this every day in the gym during the daily workout. So, I guess that means that my heart will stay warm for quite some time…and I’m okay with that.