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Summer is the time for vacations. But let me ask you this: in all of the preparation of a vacation, do you prepare to stay active? Do you plan on NOT falling out of your fitness routine? I hope so!

Vacations are a source of relaxation, fun, excitement, and “getting away from it all”…there’s no doubt about that. So screw working out, right? Wrong! ;-)

You don’t have to stick to the same routine as when you are home; sometimes it’s just not practical. However, you can always improvise and figure something out with regard to putting a workout together. When I go on vacation (or on any trip for that matter) I almost always take my jump rope and rings with me. I can program dozens of workouts with just those two pieces of equipment. And if you don’t have a jump rope or rings…there are still many ways to come up with “on the go” workouts. Check out the following PDF for some examples: CrossFit Body Weight Workouts.

So, on your next vacation, have a plan to stay active. If you ever need any tips or ideas, please do not hesitate to give us a call!