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You’re almost there! There is just one more day remaining in the 30-Day Paleo Challenge! Are you proud of yourselves? You should be–it was not an easy feat, and I am sure all of you have had your good days and bad days. But, you did it! Take a look back on the last 30 days. Did it go by quickly or slower than a snail’s pace? We’d love to get some feedback from you, whether it is on this blog post’s comments section, in an e-mail, or just in between classes at the box.

We will be using this Friday, February 8th, to re-accomplish the “Baseline” and “CrossFit Total” WODs. As most of you know, the CrossFit Total takes quite a while to get through, so we’d appreciate it if you could get to class on time, and after a short warm-up, get right into the “Baseline” workout. Trust us, after that, you’ll definitely be warmed up! After the “Baseline” pick a rack and get squatting! If you are unable to make it in on Friday, no worries, just get with a coach and set up a time to complete the WODs. We will also be reweighing all of you starting on Wednesday, February 6th through Wednesday, February 13th.

We will be announcing the winners of each category the week after the WODs and weigh-ins. And YOU, the participants will be voting on an overall winner. There are no “requirements” for choosing the overall winner…just someone who you think really showed great character, will power, and drive throughout the challenge.