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So here’s the thing. I’m new. And I mean really new. I have cardio-kick-boxed, stepped, jogged, downward dogged, tree posed, thigh-mastered and 3lb dumbbell arm raised my way through two decades! But, picking up really heavy weights on purpose and repeating? Um, no I had not done much of that before.

As a new guy, I feel welcome and encouraged. The all encompassing theme at Big Horn CrossFit is correct form and community. and with such a focus on form I am learning from the beginning how to do the lifts correctly to prevent injury, so that I can keep it up for the rest of my life. That is what I’m talking about! I don’t want to wear it out, I want to build it up! I’m learning so much and I’m getting so much stronger and I love it! I learn something new every time I go.

I was so excited about Big Horn, my husband had to try it out for himself and now he loves it too! This is a guy that professed to, “hate to workout.” If you have the time, read his testimonial, he’s pretty awesome. We often start our day at Big Horn together, then I’m back in the afternoon for the kids program, for our (nearly)7year old son Ethan.

The kids program is fantastic! They work on agility, gymnastics and strength with body weight exercises and games, with an emphasis on fun!

Our family has been doing CrossFit for just a few months now, and already it is a huge part of our family life. We love it, and look forward to seeing you there!