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Meet Joshua & Marilyn

October 14, 2012

We always love seeing Marilyin’s & Joshua’s smiling faces!

Marilyn and Joshua are two of our most dedicated couples. So dedicated, in fact, that they sign up for classes weeks in advance (I may have to change that option in the future). 🙂

Talk about accountability and motivation! Both have already made great progress in the few months that they’ve been with us. They’re learning (and loving) new lifts and exercises that they never imagined they’d do. And, they are very coachable (lucky us!).

One day, Joshua said something to us that reinforced one of the primary reasons why we opened up a CrossFit gym. He said, “I’ve never, ever enjoyed working out before…that was until I started doing CrossFit.”

Boom! There it is, folks! CrossFit is different…and we like it that way! If you’ve ever belonged to a CrossFit affiliate (or just worked out with a group of people, CrossFit style), then you know what we’re talking about. It is much, much more than the WOD…it’s about breaking out of your “fitness shell” and trying new things. It is about failing, but then succeeding. It is about the community. It is about improving the quality of your life – both physially and mentally.

We’ve seen that change in Joshua and Marilyn, and look forward to seeing that change in YOU!

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