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Meet Lindsey – one of Big Horn’s hardest working and self-deprecating athletes! Yes, she is tough on herself — sometimes even tougher than the coaches! :-) But, what does that tell you about her? It tells you that she is continually striving for excellence — never settling for mediocrity. This admirable attitude is evident in the way she approaches her workouts, her career, and her life in general. And, hey, Lindsey…give yourself a break once in a while, huh? :-) Come out tonight and cheer her on as she gives everything she has on the final CrossFit Open Workout, 17.5! Aside from our “Friday Night Lights” you’ll normally find Lindsey attending our midday CrossFit classes — come say hi!

Age: 31

Occupation: Business Development in oil and gas industry

When did you start CrossFitting? I was introduced to CrossFit in 2010 

When did you first start training at Big Horn CrossFit? Last summer

Favorite WOD (workout): I like a running and deadlift combo…. any endurance WOD with running :)

Least favorite WOD (workout): Anything with overhead squats!

Tell us about your sports and fitness background: I’ve played soccer all my life and also ran track in high school. In college, I worked as the fitness coordinator for my campus gym and have always stayed pretty active.

How did you first get exposed to CrossFit? After college, my best friend and I moved to different cities. When she came to visit me almost a year after graduation, I couldn’t believe how amazing and healthy she looked. She told me to try these workouts called CrossFit…so I found the first affiliate to open in Denver and became instantly hooked!

Take us back to your first WOD (workout): Oh, geez…that was so long ago – I don’t remember exactly. I do remember it involved rowing, which I had never done before, and I laid there not being able to breathe or walk for quite a while after. I’ve hated rowing since that very first introduction :)

What sort of changes have you seen in your body? I’ve definitely put on a significant amount of lean muscle mass thanks to CrossFit.

What sort of changes have you seen in your life? I’ve learned a lot about my mental weaknesses. It’s also showed me how mentally tough I am at the same time.CrossFit has built a confidence in me I didn’t have before, showing me and surprising me of what I’m capable of. It’s therapy that builds strength in all aspects…from being able to deadlift 275 pounds to being an independent, successful woman in a male dominated industry at work.

Favorite Big Horn CrossFit moments: Friday night lights! I love the sense of community the gym has and think it’s so awesome how we cheer each other on every week.

Advice for people getting started? Focus on athletic training. The fitness industry puts so much emphasis on aesthetics, training for weight loss and looking good. I encourage you to, instead, focus on getting stronger, lifting heavier, running faster, and feeling better. Aesthetics will fall into place while you become healthier, more aware of nutrition and just happier with yourself overall.

Hobbies, interests outside of CrossFit? If I’m not in the gym and not working, then I’m either playing soccer, drinking beer or reading a good book.