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Ligia is one Big Horn CrossFit’s most consistent athletes. You’ll normally find her at the 6:30 pm class, but she’s been known to attend a 6:00 am class every now and again. Ligia is a silent leader in the gym…always attentive, always giving 100%, and never quitting. Make it a point to meet her — her attitude and smile are infectious! Read more about Ligia below:

Age: 32

Occupation: I am a Pharmacist, but I work in the Pharmaceutical Industry as a Regulatory Affairs Professional.

When did you start CrossFitting? November 2014

When did you first start training at Big Horn CrossFit? November 2014

Favorite WOD (workout): I don’t have a favorite one, but I enjoy the ones that make me feel very sore.

Least favorite WOD (workout): I don’t have a least favorite one. There are ones that are hard, but I try not to remember their names, so I don’t avoid the days they show up in the calendar.

Tell us about your sports and fitness background: Swimming and dancing are definitely my favorite activities. I have done Yoga and Pilates too for a good amount of time and I always went to the gym.   

How did you first get exposed to CrossFit? Before I started CrossFit I was working out with a personal trainer, and did not feel motivated. That is when I realized I was tired of regular gyms, and I decided to tryCrossFit. I found in CrossFit exactly what I was looking for in regards to motivation and strength.

Take us back to your first WOD (workout): I do not remember which one was my first WOD, I just remember feeling super sore the next day, which just made me sure that I was at the right place.

What sort of changes have you seen in your body? I feel stronger and I have more lean muscle mass in my body. I have gained eight pounds of lean muscle mass since I startedCrossFit, but my clothes size has not changed.

What sort of changes have you seen in your life? I find CrossFit hard and challenging. When I started my mind would tell me “You got to your limit”. Over time, I realized that my mindset changed to “Just try a little harder, you can do it”. This mindset has become more and more frequent in my daily activities. I would say that the main change I have seen in my life withCrossFit is that I started trusting myself more. Having a strong body definitely boosts your confidence.

Favorite Big Horn CrossFit moments: I really like when the class is full and you have all that energy going on, people motivate each other. It seems that we are all competing with our own selves to get better.

Advice for people getting started? Just get started, make time for yourself, make time for your body. Your body is the only thing that was freely given to you when you were born and it is the only thing you truly have while alive. How you treat your body will definitely shape the length and quality of your life, CrossFit is a good tool to improve life quality.

Hobbies, interests outside of CrossFit: My main interest in life is definitely traveling. For me, there is no better way of recharging my internal batteries than arriving somewhere that I have never been.