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Matt working with his son, Landon.

Meet Mat (yes, with one “t”–he likes to be different)…one of Big Horn’s most motivating and intense athletes. The mood and tone of the class are always on a different (and better) level when Mat is there. As already mentioned, he brings intensity to the class, but he also brings a ton of FUN! Mat is always the first to greet new and current members with a smile on his face as well as some kind of interesting (and sometimes, extraordinary) story. You can catch him at the afternoon/evening classes–find out more about Mat below:

Age: 31

Occupation: Heavy equipment operator, Water/Waste water operator

When did you start CrossFitting: November 2016

When did you first start training at Big Horn CrossFit: November 2016

Favorite WOD: I enjoy Chippers, but so far Murph is at the top of my list

Tell us about your sports and fitness background: I played soccer from age 5 until I was 17, most of my serious fitness backround came from military fitness programing

How did you first get exposed to CrossFit: I was first introduced to CrossFit in 2009 while in the Army

Take us back to your first WOD: I don’t remember what my first WOD was but do remember very clearly that I was looking around thinking “These people have a few screws loose and I like it”

What sort of changes have you seen in your body: I have seen muscle growth as well as some weight loss.

Favorite Big Horn Moments: Every day is a great day at Big Horn CrossFit but to name just a few, the first time my son Landon came to the gym to work out with me, Murph 2016, and WOD Bash.

Advice for people getting started: The hardest part is stepping through the door. Don’t get discouraged when things get hard, keep pushing and leave nothing on the table. You will surprise yourself! A well-timed war cry can always help.

Hobbies, interests outside of CrossFit: Most of all spending time with my wife and son but also enjoy riding motorcycles and shooting.