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Patrica started a personal journey to improve her health and fitness back in April. But guess what? Trish didn’t find Big Horn CrossFit until a couple of months later. It was apparent that she wanted to make a change, but she needed more — she needed a community of like-minded individuals that would help her reach her goals. And, boy, did she find that…and did she SOAR!

Since April of 2013, Trish has lost 20 pounds and has decreased her pants size by TWO WHOLE inches! Here is the thing about Patricia: from DAY ONE, she has been consistent with her commitment to make a change. And folks, I must tell you, that is the key — BE CONSISTENT! Functional fitness (i.e. CrossFit) will take you to the next level. But, will YOU take yourself to the next level…for the sake of your health, wellness, and fitness? LIVE THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE! Congrats, Trish — we are proud of you!