Adam ShockeyCoach

    Throughout my life, I have been involved in sports. Throughout my childhood and through high school, I played, baseball, basketball, and football. After graduating high school, I was the typical 18-year old who went to college and became a student of girls and parties. I was very successful at gaining the freshman 15 and then some. After a few years of college in Illinois, I decided to make the transplant move. Moving to Colorado reignited my passion for fitness. I began competing in marathons and triathlons.

    After doing this type of training for several years, it left me in decent cardiovascular shape, but my strength had left me. It was about this time I was getting hired as a firefighter and realized I needed to be stronger than I was. While in fire academy, I heard some of the instructors talking about CrossFit. I had never heard of it. Shortly after graduating fire academy, I used one of my first paychecks to sign up for a CrossFit gym. All of my previous exercising had broken down strength and cardio into two separate events at the gym. You would spend a little while doing your lifting and then do a little bit on the treadmill and call it a day. My first workout in a box involved running, squats and pull-ups. This was the craziest thing I had ever heard of. I was hooked from there.

    After working out a Big Horn for two years, and being a firefighter for three years, I decided to use my passion for fitness and serving others and joined the Air Force Reserves. I enjoy using the mental and physical strength that CrossFit as given me to give back to our nation.

    I encourage all who are nervous, or not sure if CrossFit is for them, to come in for a free workout, that is all you will need. Take a chance on yourself; you may be pretty happy with what happens next.


    CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
    A.S. Health Sciences Front Range Community College
    Colorado FF II
    Colorado Hazmat Technician
    Colorado EMT-Paramedic


    Senior Airman, 19th Space Operations Squadron, 310th Space Group, 310th Space Wing, USAFR