Bill RussellCoach

    Being a native Coloradoan, I have always gravitated toward outdoor activities. From beginning as a Cub Scout to earning my Eagle Scout, I had many opportunities to fish, hike, boat, camp, and focus on healthy active living growing up.

    After transitioning into adulthood, I found that not only did I miss this active lifestyle, but I also missed the sense of community that the scouts offered. After several years working with a trainer, going to a gym, and participating in adult recreational sports, I still felt that I was missing the sense of community. In October 2013 I joined Big Horn and had never regretted the decision. The sense of community combined with the programming allowed me to continually push myself, understand my body and inspire others to achieve their best performance status.


    CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
    i99 Fit Coach – L1


    AD in Fire Science
    MS in General Tomfoolery and Badassery