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The very first day that you stepped through Big Horn CrossFit’s doors, you should have heard us say, at some point, that we stick to a certain charter in regards to your training:

1. Technique/Mechanics
2. Consistency
3. Intensity

We strive to live by this charter each and every day, and so should you. All of you are extremely coach-able athletes, and are very receptive to what we say. We deeply appreciate that–it makes our jobs easier. :-) All of you are also at different levels and areas of your training. However, regardless of where you are with your training, we require that you aim for virtuosity with every movement, skill, and exercise. What does this require, you may ask? It requires  a bit of humility and a significant amount of attentiveness and patience.

As coaches, our number one priority is your safety. Maybe you will be on an unloaded barbell for awhile…that’s okay. Some of the exercises and lifts that we do are extremely technical, and require a high degree of competency, and more “than just a few times” practicing it (think Clean & Jerk and Snatch). You will get there. Give us 100% and we will give you 100% in return. Master the basics and progress at a pace that is appropriate for you–we will help you determine that.

Good to see everyone working hard to meet their goals in 2013…stick with it, we’re proud of you!

The 5:30 pm class working hard!

The 5:30 pm class working hard!