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Programming workouts is one of the joys of my week. And no, it’s not because I enjoy developing new ways to torture you; well…okay, it may have something to do with that. ;-) 

I take our programming very seriously. I do NOT simply just throw a bunch of lifts, exercises, etc., up on the whiteboard and say, “3…2…1…GO!.” You may have noticed, that over the course of the last six weeks, we’ve focused a great deal on Olympic Weightlifting, various barbell movements, rowing, and double-unders. And yes, some of that has to do with our unpredictable winter conditions (Kari is going to kill me); however, I truly believe in the benefit of “strength AND conditioning.”

Now that the outside temperatures are warming up, you can expect a lot more workouts that involve running. And we all love running, right? ;-) We will, however, continue to include Olympic Weightlifting, because we believe in the excellent benefits of those lifts.

I frequently study different methods of strength and conditioning. I combine those methods and develop my programming with all of you in mind, as well as your goals. So, start anticipating more workouts that involve “outdoor activities” …besides, what’s not to love about our excellent Colorado weather!