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How’s everyone doing? We are two weeks into our 30-day challenge, with only two weeks to go! Was last week your toughest week? Are you feeling different…better sleep, mood, performance in the gym? How about that waist line…shrinking a bit, perhaps?

The third week is where “the change” (hopefully) begins to take place. Those cravings should be subsiding…you should be feeling more content and satiated after each meal.

Just hold on a little while longer, folks! But here is the interesting thing: after the 30 days are up, I strongly believe that most of you will continue to apply these positive nutrition habits throughout the rest of your life. And that is the goal!

I remember Adam’s first week…he couldn’t wait until the 30 days were up, because he was sure he was going to go back to exactly what he was doing before. Today he told me that he is feeling amazing (Adam started a week earlier than the rest of us) and that he is going to try to maintain a modified version of the Whole30 from here on out. That’s what I want, folks…to make you conscious of how much food affects us–both positively and negatively…and in so many ways.

I’m proud of each and every one of you–keep it up!