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Zac Going for a Max L-Sit Hold

Performing the common, uncommonly well–in a phrase, that is virtuosity. I won’t be offended if you are just surfing through this website and decide not to take the time to read this post. However, if you are a part of my immediate CrossFit  family (Big Horn CrossFit) or extended CrossFit family (you know who you are), then please take a few minutes and listen to my words.

Big Horn CrossFit has been officially open for 22 days. In that time, we have seen many new athletes walk through our doors…all of them are at different stages of their quest for elite fitness. But one thing remains the same for all of our athletes: mastering the fundamentals of the movements is of paramount concern and importance to us. Do not get impatient with us. Do not get frustrated with us. We enforce our standards for a reason. Mastering the basics of each movement is essential to your success with regard to meeting your CrossFit goals. Greg Glassman said in his 2005 CrossFit Journal article, “This rush to advancement increases the chance of injury, delays advancement and progress, and blunts the client’s rate of return on his [or her] efforts.” In other words, learn how to perform the common, uncommonly well…achieve virtuosity with the basic movements before increasing the load or intensity with the more complex and technical movements, lifts, and exercises.

We care about your progress, your safety, and your goals. Trust in us…this is our passion. If you’ve got a few minutes please read Greg Glassman’s 2005 article on virtuosity: Virtuosity by Greg Glassman