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whole 30 tips and tricks Day 1 of our Whole 30 challenge begins now!

Are you ready? 

It was a beautiful Colorado weekend, so hey I get it if you didn’t quite get to the website, here’s the link to get you started.

After spending a few hours on Sunday, preparing I feel ready! I setup a special shelf in the cabinet for the kids. Sometimes they Whole 30 with me, sometimes they don’t. When they don’t, I put all non-compliant foods on their special shelf. It is a way for me to set a boundary, to say, “I don’t eat that.” or “Not mine.” 

After I got the pantry organized, I prepared and cooked as much of the food for the week as I could. It took just a few hours and the time passed quickly as Meg and I chatted and sipped coffee…well I sipped coffee, she read. I hadn’t done my grocery shopping before I started cooking so we had to do a quick grocery run for a few small things and THAT’S OK! It’s not all or nothing, this is lifelong change and that doesn’t happen overnight.

With little effort I have a few days of ready-to-eat salad fixings, vegetables, and meats in the fridge and am feeling prepared for the next few days. Keep it simple! Stick to the basics: Meat, vegetables, fruit, nuts & seeds. Checkout the website and books, and bring your sense of humor. Leave a comment here to share your experience or ask a question.

Can’t wait to hear all about it!

~Coach Mo


  • Mo

    My menu: Eggs with butternut squash and spinach for breakfast. Salad with blueberries and crab meat for lunch. Roasted beef, cauliflower, baked potato, coconut milk and lime sour cream. All week long, keeping it simple.