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Whole 30 Kickoff and Nutrition Clinic: Friday, March 11th at 7:30pm. Totally FREE!

Anyone can join! Maybe your Aunt Fanny in Tallahassee wants to join, or you want to get a team together from work, or you want to drive change and support through your entire family, GREAT! Forward and share this email to your heart’s content, the more the better! This is strong medicine! Still not sure? Read these testimonials and then read these endorsements from medical professionals. Then, GET THE BOOK! Want to really geek out on the science? Get this book too!

Whole 30 Challenge begins Monday, March 14th! Did I mention… yeah, it’s FREE too?! Be sure to follow our nutrition blog to stay in the know, comment and ask questions. The Whole 30 team has done such a great job with providing support, that all we have to do is lead you to it! Spend some time on their website, signup for the emails, check out their Instagram… get on board fully for 30 days! READ their blog, our blog & GET THE BOOKS!

InBody – Body Composition Analysis: Thursday March 10th, 3:00pm – 7:00pm, Max Muscle Westminster. Regularly priced at $50, for you $25, just let them know you’re with Big Horn CrossFit! Yup… HALF OFF, can you believe this?!