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“But my wrists are sore, coach!” Yep…heard it before. We front squat the way we do for several reasons. Let me provide you with two significant ones:

1. It’s simply more functional. Look at the first picture below. When are we ever going to carry something in front of ourselves with our arms positioned like that? I am not saying that front squatting like that has no place in the world of weightlifting–I’m just saying that it has no place in ours.

2. Front squatting the way we do also transfers directly into Olympic Weightlifting. When we clean an object, be it the bar, a medicine ball, or whatever, we receive that object with our elbows up, and in the rack position. It is the RECEIVING position of the squat clean, the hang power clean, the hang squat clean, etc. Getting the picture? :-)

We will continue to work on your flexibility throughout your lats and shoulders. It will get better, trust me. :-)

If you have a few moments, check out this video on front squatting.